Respite Mobile

Providing Relief to Caregivers

Respite Mobile's purpose is to stay true to its name by providing “a short period of rest or relief.” This high-quality, easy-to-use mobile app was thoughtfully created for the caregiver and provides a variety of activities to help improve the quality of interactions with people affected by dementia.

The photos, videos, karaoke, and conversation starters contain positive images, words, and sounds that keep interactions light hearted and joyful.

The exercises include low-intensity workouts and memory activities to help maintain or improve physical and mental health.

The recipes are simple, quick, and the cooking can be done as a group activity. Also, the ingredients (oils, fruits, vegetables, etc.) have been suggested to either increase cognitive functions or at least slow down cognitive decline.

Finally, the “Inspirationals” are quotes and words of wisdom shared in the hopes of keeping the caregiver motivated and acknowledging they’re not alone.

UPDATE - The new Respite Mobile app is now available for download on iPhones. Accessibility on other devices will follow shortly. Please visit my GoFundme page if you would like to help!


Click Image for a Preview of the Targeted Respite Activity

After years of providing Respite Care and Socialization for those affected by Dementia, I feel the well-being of the caregiver is often overlooked. While volunteering for multiple long-term patients, I was running out of ideas and afraid I wasn’t providing the best service I could. I searched hundreds of websites that shared the same recommendations. I decided to create a mobile app that gives caregivers plenty of activities to keep them and their loved ones engaged. I have successfully done most of these with my patients (or even on my own) and hope they bring the same value to you and your loved ones!

Andrew Cox

Possible Health Benefits

According to the WHO and studies performed by other organizations, a relationship exists between the development of cognitive impairment and dementia with lifestyle risk factors such as physical inactivity, unhealthy diets, social isolation, and cognitive inactivity. Respite Mobile strives to address many of these risks and minimize their impact.

Caring for All

Caregiving can be difficult. Let this app help manage some of the daily stressors so you can improve your own well-being while caring for those around you.